Forest of Dean

Hey guys!

A couple of months ago, me and a bunch of my friends booked a forest holiday to stay at the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire. We had an amazing week filled with canoeing, caving, going to ‘go ape’, chilling in our hot tub and watching movies. Seeing as we have all finished Sixth Form and heading off to uni in September, it was so nice to spend time with some of my favourite girls 🙂 Not going to lie… our week wasn’t total smooth sailing!

Our Tesco nightmare…

As we were obviously going to need a lot of food for the week between us 8 girls, we placed a Tesco delivery that was due to arrive at our cabin at the Forest of Dean at 4pm. We had arrived at our cabin really excited about the place and to be spending time together for a week. As the time approached 4pm, 3 of my friends set out to reception to get our Tesco delivery. The van arrived at reception so obviously my friends went into reception to let them know …

But as they came out of reception the Tesco delivery van drives away with our food???

This led to confusion; frustration; and starvation putting it in the simplest terms.

After numerous phone calls made, our Tesco delivery was then set to arrive again at around 8/9pm, but we were all so hungry by this time and ended up having to go to a shop onsite and buying pasta, garlic bread and curly fries for dinner.

Bright side: We ended up getting our Tesco delivery at 8pm (not sure if I’ll ever place a Tesco delivery again though…)

More from the week:

Canoeing is usually so much fun to do, and we’ve previously done it together and really enjoyed it! However, when we arrived at canoeing at Forest Holidays, we didn’t realise it was compulsory to do 14.5 km in 3 hours or we would be charged extra money…

Bright side: We did it! And canoeing in the rapid points of the river was actually hilarious despite us screaming in panic LOL

We also attempted to go bore hunting at midnight on one of the days (apparently there are wild ones at the Forest of Dean)…we lasted about 2 minutes before we ran back inside

Down side: I dropped my jubbly in the forest as I was running 😦

The cabin:

Activities during the week:


Deep caving





Go ape


Movie nights


‘Come dine with me’ style dinner

We were all divided into pairs and each evening a pair were responsible for cooking dinner and a desert. At the end of the week, every individual voted a pair for the best main/desert and presentation, leading to an overall winner.





We have had an amazing stay at the Forest of Dean and have made so many great memories. Will definitely miss these girls so much when I’m in uni! XXX


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