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Helloooo everyone!

Throughout my first year at sixth form, I have taken the initiative to get involved in several media related experiences to display my passion for a career in the television industry, as every aspect resolving around this career fills me up with so much joy and excitement… every time I walk into a television studio let it be the BBC or at an University open day, I am filled with a strong urge to squeal up and down like a little girl. I believe whatever job you want to have in the future should simply be because YOU LOVE IT! I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want to be waking up for work every morning dreading it, so I am completely driven by my career choice as a source of motivation on those gloomy days.

So every time I have taken a day off school to participate in a type of media related event/ work experience, or even when I post a picture on instagram about it, I always get asked ‘How do you get these opportunities?’ Sooooo today I am about to share with you my secret to how I have managed to seek these opportunities!

During the summer of 2014 I participated in a programme called ‘NCS’ powered by the challenge. If you have not heard of this, NCS stands for the ‘National Citizen Service’ which is a government funded programme aimed at 15-17 year olds. This programme takes place during summer and Autumn, and during the summer NCS lasts typically around 3 weeks and each week is focused on adventure, skill and society. After ‘graduating’ from NCS I was emailed about an event where individuals from different career paths will come to talk to us. This sounded rather appealing to me so I decided to attend. At this event, I met a really lovely man from a media company. Kindly, he shared his experience as a young person trying to get into the media industry. He told me “You have to be hungry for it” and this quote has been stuck in my mind up until this day. Furthermore, he spoke to me and a few other individuals about “making the most out of your bio on social media” as professionals are intrigued to find out more about you, and stating info in your bio is a quick and effective method to get noticed. From that day on my bio on my twitter and Instagram has said ‘Aspiring broadcast journalist’ an has led to @fillapost @DigihubNews @LondonEconomic @journalismnews following me on twitter.

My top tip: Keep your twitter professional. Approximately a year ago, I decided to delete all of my old tweets, and keep my twitter mainly politics related by retweeting news I particularly find interesting. Twitter is also great for finding out about top news stories daily. I sometimes find myself scrolling through my twitter when I can’t sleep, but because the majority of accounts I follow are of news accounts (and my friends), my twitter helps me to stay updated on current affairs.

Of course, you don’t have to go to extreme measures and delete all of your tweets like I did, but maybe consider keeping your social media on private, or otherwise your tweets will be accessible to everyone including employers and interviewers.

Anyway, 4 Talent consists of workshops and events aimed at young people, and to even apply for work experience at Channel 4, you must attend at least one 4 talent day. All details can be found at http://4talent.channel4.com/4talent-days

Stay up to date with their events and application open days by regularly checking their site. If you have Instagram, you can follow them: ‘C4 TALENT’

This is the main way I was able to constantly be up to date with what was going on with Channel 4 as they always post about their upcoming events around the UK on their instagram, and have links in their bio to the application.

Events I have previously attended are the #Somethingdifferentevent during the National Apprenticeship week and the TV Careers day.

Hope you have found this post useful, feel free to email me if you have any further inquiries: aishah.r@hotmail.co.uk

My twitter: @_AishahRahman

To find out more about NCS check out: http://www.ncsyes.co.uk/about-ncs

Have a lovelyyyy week!

Aishah Rahman

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